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Travel Hands Member Benefits


How can you, our Visually Impaired People (VIP), avail the Member Benefits with Travel Hands:

  1. Pay for the £15 monthly subscription with Travel Hands by clicking here
  2. Pick the locations or places you would like to visit from the list of options below.
  3. We will connect with trained and vetted volunteers, who have signed up for the sole purpose of guiding you to and fro from these events or joining you as a company all along the event.
  4. Meet new people, have fun, and enjoy meaningful conversations.
  5. Personal growth while learning about new things, cultures, different backgrounds and different mindsets.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Toll-free number or Whatsapp: +44 20 3966 1650

Organisations Promoting Inclusive London

Travel Hands is enabling VIP (Visually Impaired People) to explore various inclusive destinations in London. The list of partner organisations wanting to make London accessible for all VIP are:
  1. Sir John Soane Museum
  2. Stand Up Comedy
  3. Foundling Museum
  4. Emirates Airline Cable Cars
  5. Contact

1. Sir John Soane Museum

Picture showing various sculptures and artefacts inside the museum
A view from the inside of the Sir John Soane Museum
Front view of the grey coloured museum with an empty street and a beautiful black street lamp in the front.
A view from the front of the Sir John Soane Museum

Welcome to the extraordinary home and museum of the architect Sir John Soane. Born in1753, the son of a bricklayer, Soane became one of the most celebrated architects of his day. He designed the Bank of England, Dulwich PictureGallery, Pitzhanger Manor and his own home at 13 Lincoln's Inn Fields. When he died in 1837, he left his home to the public as a museum. Today the museum fulfils his wish and presents his collection of art, sculptures, books and furniture as it was in 1837, so visitors can step back in time into his beautiful and unusual house. 

: 13 Lincoln's Inn Fields, London WC2A 3BP

Book with us to schedule a 1 hour audio guided tour of the whole museum.

    2. Stand Up Comedy

    This is your Trial is a Improv show where top comedians are lawyers, prosecuting and defending charges set against You!

    "This Is Your Trial" is an award winning improv show where top comedians are lawyers, prosecuting and defending charges against you. This season features comedians Thom Tuck, Howard Read, and Sarah Bennetto. The show is family friendly and has received great ratings from various media. Check the website for details on the dates.

    : Underbelly Festival, Cavendish Square, London, W1G 0PN

    Book with us to get a discounted or free ticket.

    3. Foundling Museum

    Picture showing 2 pictures on the wall, a table with some chairs around, and artefacts inside the museum.
    A view from the inside of the Foundling Museum
    Picture showing the Accessible entrance into the building and a huge board sign saying the Foundling Museum.
    A view from the front of the Foundling Museum

    Inspired by three great 18th-century activists - Thomas Coram, George Frideric Handel and William Hogarth -the Foundling Museum is a force for change. We believe in creative action that brings past and present together to stimulate imaginations and enrich young lives. 

    We think play matters and not just for children. We're very serious about our work, but we don't take ourselves too seriously. For us play means a light touch and an inquisitive attitude, and we welcome everyone to share in what we do. We celebrate the work of artists to inspire people to take positive action that transforms the lives of children and young people and creates a lasting impact on society.

    : 40 Brunswick Square, London WC1N 1AZ, +44 (0)20 7841 3600

    The Museum is currently open Wednesday – Sunday (10 am to 5 pm)

    Book with us to get a scheduled a 1 hour audio tour of the whole museum.

      4. Emirates Airline Cable Cars

      Picture showing 8 cable cars running on the wire above the high rise buildings with the blue sky in the background.
      A view of the Emirates Cable Car ride adjacent to high rise buildings
      Picture showing 8 cable cars running on the wire with the blue sky and the sun shining in the background.
      A view from the front of the Cable Rides

      Glide above the Thames in the Emirates Air Line cable car and take in aerial views of London's skyline, as you travel from the Greenwich Peninsula to the Royal Docks.

      Enjoy beautiful views of the Thames, London's skyline, the Greenwich Peninsula, the Royal Docks and The O2.
      View sunset over the river and watch the city come alive after dark with extended night flights after 7pm.
      The Emirates cable car journey times are adjusted according to passenger flow or weather conditions and range from five to around 13 minutes. The ticket for the sighted person who accompany's you is free.

      Book single tickets or a multi-journey boarding pass for 10 single trips on the Emirates Air Line for £17, or hire a private cabin for a round trip with up to 10 passengers.You can also enjoy a wide range of packages, including the Emirates Air Line Discovery Experience, which includes a non-stop round trip, onboard video tour, free entrance to the Emirates Aviation Experience and a souvenir guide.

      You can either catch the Emirates Air Line cable cars from North Greenwich or board on the Royal Victoria side of the river (return flights are available).

      : Emirates Greenwich Peninsula, Greenwich, London SE10 0FJ

      Opening Times
      Monday to Thursday: 7am to 10.30pm
      Friday: 7am to 11pm
      Saturday/ Bank holidays: 8am to 11pm
      Sunday: 9am to 10pm

      Book with us to get a scheduled visit and a volunteer to join with you.

        5. If you have a venue suggestion, Contact Us

        Toll-free number or Whatsapp: +44 20 3966 1650