About Us

Travel Hands is a story of a blind or partially sighted person, who can see from their heart and mind, and of a sighted person, who is willing to see the world from the eyes of a blind individual. Travel Hands is registered as a charity in England, charity number 1201509

Travel Hands intends to relieve VIP (Visually Impaired People) by facilitating a safe, convenient, and inexpensive outdoor travel experience for them. The main objectives of the organisation are:

- To assist London-based VIP with their outdoor travel challenges (especially roadside safety) by pairing them with sighted and verified volunteers near them. 
- To promote social inclusion for the public benefit by preventing VIP from becoming socially excluded by providing support from the local community and assisting them to integrate into society using Travel Hands.
- To relieve immediate family members or carers of VIP from providing in-person assistance in travelling outdoors by replacing them with on-demand support available in their local community. 
- To promote social inclusion for the public benefit by creating awareness around the challenges faced by VIP through providing empathy training and mobility assistance training to the sighted population. 
- To preserve and protect the health of VIP and sighted volunteers for the public benefit by creating increased opportunities to be physically active and socially cohesive in their community. 
- To advance job opportunities available to VIP by reducing roadblocks in outdoor travel. 
- To promote social inclusion for the public benefit among the local community by increasing empathy for people with disabilities.


Ishan Jha

Image of Ishan Jha

Service Designer with 10+ years of experience in multinational companies, charities, government organisations and start-ups, leveraging professional, creative and analytical skills in Service Design, Entrepreneurship and Engineering.

Ishan got the idea behind Travel Hands from his thesis project on the topic,” How to increase the employability of VIP?”
He started to work in this field having a close brush with blindness himself.

Tracey Abbott

Image of Tracey Abbott

Tracey is the Access Consultant - Recruitment for MicrolinkPC. She is accomplished and commercially aware recruitment professional with extensive Director level experience in both local and central government and the private sector, including Blue Chip companies. 

She has built an extensive network (7,000+) of contacts at all levels across the spectrum for both candidates and employers.

Piyush Choudhary

Image of Piyush Choudhary

He has a wealth of experience in product development and is an active contributor to the product and business development of Travel Hands.

Marco Fabbri

Image of Marco Fabbri

Marco has been one of the most active volunteers with Travel Hands and wants to contribute to its further development as a leader in the organisation.

A doctorate and retired professional after leading ​​KOP/FSSL Ltd, a manufacturer in the Oil and Gas Sector (2500 employees, $500millions US T/O, highly profitable) as CEO and President. 

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