COVID-19 Updates: Following the Government restrictions we are planning to start booking journeys in March.

Visually Impaired People (VIP)

Travel safely, inexpensively, and independently.

Travel Hands Call Centre, an efficient platform for you! Become more independent, use Travel Hands for simple journeys in and around London instead of relying on personal relationships.

Visually impaired man walking and talking with volunteer


The padlock and money

Safer and Cheaper Journeys

Financially helping you by providing a safer alternative and saving on inessential travel costs.

A visually impaired person walking with volunteer

Meet New People

Make lifelong friends and experience London in a new perspective.

Exercising people

Improve your Wellbeing

Physically and mentally through socialising and exercising. 

Volunteer with DBS certificate

Walk with Verified Volunteer

Our volunteers, volunteer because they want to, so be comfortable and have a gratitude-filled experience.

Your Safety is our Priority

We want to assure you that we are taking necessary precautions to ensure the safety and wellbeing of each, and every VIP signed up to the Travel Hands Service.

Volunteer getting DBS certificate

Verified Volunteers

Volunteers are legally required to hold a basic DBS certificate. All volunteers who wish to sign up to the service will have to go through the highest level of background check, no abuse will be accepted whatsoever.

The cover of handbook for visually impaired people

VIP Handbook

We have put together what you can expect from the travelling experience with Travel Hands in a simple to read handbook and safeguarding measures including how current guidelines affect our service.

Call center service talking with visually impaired girl

Call Center Support

Our call centre support is available to you Monday to Friday, we offer reliable support, 5 days a week.

Mask and three flying viruses


During these difficult times, we are committed to minimise contact and maximise cleanliness – ensuring best practices to do so.

Ramble Tag

We are offering a free Ramble Tag to our early VIP sign ups. Ramble Tag is a contact free guidance aid, created to increase independence and enjoyment for blind and partially sighted people while walking with a guide.


Travel Hands is now active in the form of a Call Centre

A step-by-step narration explains how it works:

1. Register

Register with us for free by clicking the sign-up button below the steps.

2. Journey Details

Share your journey details with the Travel Hands Support Team at least 24 hours prior to the journey time, use toll free number or WhatsApp:
+44 20 3966 1650
to get in touch.

3. Matched and Scheduled

A DBS verified, sighted volunteer will be matched with you by our team and your journey will be scheduled together.

4. Pick up and Walk

On the day, the volunteer will come at the specified pick-up location. Walk with the volunteer, share some laughs and get to your destination safely.

5. Rate your Experience

Once the journey has come to an end, share your experience with us and rate the experience.

Join the community and book your journey!

Become a part of the VIP World Community!

As a member, VIP World is your go-to place that is familiar and comfortable; where you can have fun, learn and grow with the VIP community; join our social medias to be invited to our events and initiatives.

Feel free to follow our blog and read about some inspirational VIP!

Community of visually impaired people and volunteers