COVID-19 Updates: Travel Hands is active in London and has been taking precautions recommended by the government to avoid the spread of COVID virus.

Travel Hands: Opening Up London for Visually Impaired People (VIP).

Helping VIP and volunteer share journeys together. Beta test successful. Now, operating as a paid call centre service!

Smiling visually impaired girl walking with volunteer in London

Travel Hands

Travel Hands is a product of VIP World Services, a service that pairs VIP with sighted and verified volunteers to walk together towards their similar destinations.

A VIP can submit a trip request that is automatically sent to a volunteer near them, alerting the volunteer to their location. The accepting volunteer will then come and pick-up the VIP and walk towards the requested destination.

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Enjoy the Benefits of Travel Hands

Meet New People

Make lifelong friends and connect with a unique community.

At Your Convenience

Schedule and pick journeys at times most convenient to you.

Improve Your Wellbeing

Walking will help reduce stress and boost your feel-good hormones.

Easily Get in Touch

Our passionate support team will provide help where and when you need it.

What’s in it for Me?

Whether you are offering your sight or need a pair of eyes, we provide individualised care for our volunteers and VIP both, where your comfort is of utmost importance.

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Visually Impaired People (VIP)

What are the benefits of joining us?

How do we care about your safety?

What does the journey process entail?

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What are the benefits of joining us?

What does the training process entail?

How do we care about your safety?

How does our Call Centre Service work?

Contact us

Use our toll-free number or WhatsApp: +44 20 3966 1650. Our service is offered Monday to Friday.

Talk to Service Support

Call us and talk with Travel Hands’ service support for all information that you need, our helpline offers trustworthy, independent one-to-one support.

Book your First Journey

Book over the phone, alternatively through an electronic form by requesting an email after the call.

Call us to book your journey

Here’s how it works

A Story of a Person with Sight and of a Person without, navigating the city together.

Travel Hands App Soon!

Travel Hands, the app you’ve been waiting for. Travel Hands for iOS and Android, booking journeys and in-app perks will soon be a tap away. To offer the best experience, we are currently developing our app and growing our community. Spread the word and be the first to be notified when it’s here!

Screens of travel hands application showing log in, journey in progress and giving a rating

Become a part of the VIP World Community! 

Travel Hands stems from VIP World Services Ltd, a go-to place for inclusive design and services. Being a member allows you to learn and grow with the VIP World community; we welcome, listen and support you; as well as allow you to participate in inclusive design. Your valuable insights will be used to better the design process and in return you will be rewarded for your time.

Feel free to follow and reach out to us, keep in the know!

VIP World Community meeting


VIP World works with companies, governments, nonprofits and other organisations to address inclusive design and accessibility within the VIP community and more. Our partners contribute more than money. Their ideas, volunteer power, in-kind support will help build a stronger community and inspire volunteers and VIP.

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