Onboard your Team

Engage with Travel Hands by inviting your employees in a team to join a unique experience with VIP. 
Get regular reports of the impact created by your employees and the impact on the employees with Travel Hands. 

Join us to achieve your EDI goals, Team Building and Improve Well-being of your Employees

Benefits of Joining Us

Book a training session and volunteering day out with our VIP from the Travel Hands community.
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Engage your team in a team activity that empowers VIP to achieve a common goal.
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Flexible and Fun

Employees can volunteer as and when they like based on their availability and convenience.
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Disability Awareness & Training

Create awareness around disability and improve empathy among the team members.
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Health & Wellbeing

Improve the physical and mental being of your employees by providing a regular dose of happiness and physical activity. 

How it works



Choose the corporate plan you would be interested in engaging with us. Share about Travel Hands with your employees to download the app and sign up.


Training Session

Travel Hands will provide disability awareness and empathy training, demonstrated with the help of a trainer and a VIP in your office or individually depending on your package


DBS Checks

We can process the Enhanced DBS checks on the interested employees.


Team Activity

Work with the Travel Hands team to organise a team activity, where the employees can empower VIP in achieving a goal on the day in a field activity



Receive reports on the activities participated by your employees year round and the impact created in their local communities


Day out in a tourist spot in London

The team members pick VIP and travel to our activity location (for example British Museum, or Science Museum, or Sky Garden)

Treasure Hunt activity by pairing teams of VIP

Have a fun-filled and inclusive experience. 

Help solve a problem of our VIP community

Spend a day exploring, planning and helping VIP achieve a common problem. 
Sign Up Team Members
Share about Travel Hands with your colleagues
Book Training Session
Explore training and induction online
In-person training and induction - Group of 15 to 20
Multiple In-person trainings and induction - Group of 40+
Enhanced DBS processing by Travel Hands
Team Activity
Organise Team activity for a Volunteering Day With the VIP community of Travel Hands
Organise Multiple Team activities for volunteering days With the VIP community of Travel Hands
Impact Report 
Receive Quarterly Reports on the impact created by your team On the VIP Community of Travel Hands
Receive Quarterly Reports on the impact created on your team By actively participating with Travel Hands
Time-period of engagement with Travel Hands


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3 months
12 months
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