COVID-19 Updates: Following the Government restrictions we are planning to start booking journeys in March.


Travel Hands, a chance to share journeys in and around London with VIP, look forward to sharing the eyes you may have taken for granted in a charitable reciprocated experience.

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Support VIP

No matter how much time you can give, every journey will make a huge difference to someone’s life, help support the VIP community.

A visually impaired person walking with volunteer

Meet new people

Connect with others and see from the perspective of VIP.

Exercising people

Improve your Wellbeing

Physically and mentally through socialising and exercising.

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At Your Convenience

Do something rewarding with your spare time, volunteer when it is convenient for you. 

Your First Journey

Before your first journey, you will need to complete a few essential steps as part of your training and on-boarding.


You will need to apply for a DBS certificate through VIP World as you will be working with a vulnerable group of people that may require hands-on physical assistance and supervising during the journey.

Volunteer Handbook

We have put together what you can expect from the travelling experience with Travel Hands in a simple to read handbook, including video tutorials, expectations we may have from you and information on how current guidelines affect our service.

Short Quiz

You will need to complete a short quiz; this will inform us if you are ready to volunteer with VIP, the questions will be based on information found in the handbook.

The First Journey

Once all the mandatory steps are completed, you can enjoy your first journey walking with a VIP.

Your Safety is our Priority

We want to assure you that we are taking necessary precautions to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all volunteers supporting the Travel Hands Service.

The cover from handbook with visually impaired person and volunteer

Safeguarding and Volunteer Handbook

Abuse, harassment and harm can happen to anyone – VIP or volunteers. It’s not always visible, so we emphasise the code of conduct and prepare you to be confident in knowing the best ways to support yourself and VIP.

Call center service talking with visually impaired girl

Call Center Support

Our call centre support is available to you Monday to Friday, we offer reliable support at any time of the day.

Mask and three flying viruses


During these difficult times, we are committed to minimise contact and maximise cleanliness – ensuring best practices to do so.

Travel Hands is now active in the form of a Call Centre.

A step-by-step narration explains how it works:

1. Register

Register with us for free by clicking the sign-up button below the steps. 

2. Become Verified

You will be required to apply for a DBS, if you don't have one, our team will support you in doing so and provide online training on how to walk with a VIP.

3. Availability Details

Share your availability details with the Travel Hands Support Team at least 24 hours prior to the journey time, use toll free number or WhatsApp:
+44 20 3966 1650
to get in touch.

4. Matched and Scheduled

 A VIP will be matched with you by our team and your journey will be scheduled together.

5. Pick up and Walk

On the day, you will receive the VIP at the specified pick-up location, walk with the VIP, share some laughs and help guide the VIP to their destination safely.

6. Rate your Experience

One the journey has come to an end, share your experience with us and rate the experience.

Join the community and book your first journey!

Travel Hands App

As a thank you to our volunteers, you will be able to receive goodies and freebies such as a free coffee, as incentives from affiliated companies once our app is launched.
The Travel Hands app will make booking journeys and in-app perks even easier. To offer the best experience, we are currently developing our app and growing our community. Spread the word and be the first to be notified when it’s here!

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